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For almost 22 years, we have designed and constructed buildings for a wide

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Aroof Group Off Contracting is one of the leading building specialist in the construction industry. We have designed and manufactured many buildings for nearly 22 years.

Installation of all types of Civil, Electro-Mechanical, Telecommunication elements including Switching, Transmission inside plant, Internet protocol(P), Outside plant, Access junction and long distance, Mobile GSM networks, Radio, subscriber radio system (SRS) or Wireless local loop (WLL). Supply and installation of Distributed Acoustic Sensing(DAS) to detect third party instrusion(Vehicle, Mechanical,manual and fibre break) and leak detection system(LDS) for water pipeline application.

Architectural design merges aesthetics, functionality, and technology, shaping structures that optimize space, fulfill human needs, and elevate environments through creative and practical solutions.

Well Trained Workers.

Aroof is committed to quality, Health & safety standards required worldwide.

Aroof provides project management services in house, or outsourced, ensuring the customers many network elements are coordinated and completed efficiently, economically and on time.

Transport service involves efficiently moving people or goods using various modes like vehicles, ships, or planes. It requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure timely and effective transportation.


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