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Company Information

List Of Equipment / Vehicle

SL Description of Vehicle/ Equipment Quanitity
1 Front end Ioader kobelco 600 LK 01
2 Backhoe Alis Chambers 01
3 Boom Truck (3 Ton) 01
4 Man Lift (12 Mtr. Height) 02
5 Welding Machine (Arc,Tig) 02
6 Gas Cutting Set 05
7 BobCot(1ton) 01
8 Air Compressor 750 cfm 02
9 Air Compressor 250 cfm 01
10 Spray Set for critical coating set 02
11 Transit (Suvey Equpment) 02
12 Hydraulic Conduit Bender 2" 01
13 Electrical Pipe threading Machine 01
14 Crimping Tool Hydraulic 01(set)
15 Drilling Machine (Various dimensions) 06
16 Grinders 06 (set)
17 Dump Trucks 3 Cyd 02
18 Sedan 04
19 Pick Ups 05
20 Tile cutter 02
21 .Masonry tools 04 (set)
22 Hand tools various (as required) ....
23 Passenger Bus (50 seated) 01
24 Hand Tamper (compactor) 02
25 compactor Roller 05 ton 02
26 Jack hammer set 05
27 Concrete and asphalt cutter 02

Quality Policy Statement

Our Quality Mission is provide consistent andreliable Services of excellent quality to ourcustomers in the field of the projects of Civil,Mechanical and Electrical with a reasonable cost of an expective manner.

We set our vision as to become the best contractor to provide the quality work in various projects in the kingdom with quality reliability and consistency of services to get regional as well as national recognition.

Management Statement Commitment To Safety

Traffic and Vehicle are Particularly important aspects of the Community Serices Loss Prevention Programs Weekly

We Would arrange safety meeting and remind the people regarding the safety of working in petrochemical areas Penalities must be imposed for continual violation of good driving practice in order to avoid the imposition of street penalty we make a very efforts to display good defensive driving techniques good judgement and courtesy of operate company and personal vehicle also we appoint a safety co ordinator in each site in order to carry out the duties of the employees effectively

Each employee may demonstrate average performance in safety

Categories listed below

  • Safety Vehicle
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hygienic Materials
  • Safety Hand Tools
  • Safety Rule Awareness
  • No Trafic Violation

We are committed to providing the best quality of service